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Clinical Pilates sessions take a more individual and specific approach to Pilates with the use of specialised Pilates equipment. Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art Balanced Body equipment. The Pilates equipment works on a spring basis – the use of different resistance springs will either assist or resist (progress) an exercise. Exercises are modified appropriately to challenge each individual according to their current physical capacity and specific goals.

Clinical Pilates sessions are run by highly skilled Pilates Practitioners and DHA licensed Physiotherapists in a private (one-on-one), duet, or semi-private (max. 3 participants) setting.

Before attending your first Pilates session we ask that everyone attend an Initial Pilates Assessment.

What does the Initial Pilates Assessment involve?

The Initial Pilates Assessment involves a thorough physical assessment of body alignment, posture, strength, flexibility and injury history. Our Pilates certified Physiotherapists will introduce you to the Principle of Pilates and the various pieces of equipment used within the Nightingale studio. At this time our Physiotherapist will assist in collaboratively setting, and documenting, specific and attainable (S.M.A.R.T) short and long-term goals to work towards.

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