Health Insurance

As a certified DHA healthcare provider, Nightingale Health Services works with a range of International and local insurance companies across the UAE and the world. Physiotherapy consultation and treatment methods such as dry needling are widely covered under various international, national and local insurance policies.

If you are unsure whether the consultation and treatment you will be receiving is covered, please contact your insurance provider. We can assist with the completion of your health insurance claim forms in an efficient and timely manner.

Nightingale Health Services offer direct billing arrangements for physiotherapy for the following networks.

Neuron Network includes:

  • Cigna,
  • AETNA,
  • Saada,
  • Al Ahlia Insurance,
  • Al Ain Ahlia Insurance,
  • Al Khazna Insurance,
  • Emirates Insurance (Aviva),
  • AMAN,
  • Emirates Insurance,
  • Expat Services,
  • Global Health Insurance,
  • Noor Takaful,
  • OQIC,
  • QIC,
  • William Russel Lmtd.,
  • The New India Insurance

Please note that in order to avail for direct billing for physiotherapy you need to send us a doctors referral as well as copies of both sides of your insurance card. Once we have received this, we will apply for pre-approval with your insurance

We also offer pay and claim for the following insurances. We will provide you with the relevant documentation so that you can submit it to your insurance provider and claim the amount.

* Please check with your provider that you are covered for physiotherapy before hand.

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