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January 24, 2019

How to Select a Good Sports Physiotherapy Clinic in Dubai

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Dubai being a dazzling Middle Eastern metropolis, it is also one of the most emerging technologically-advanced sporting centers of the world. Sports, sports stadiums, sports academies and sports and fitness centers are on burgeoning rise in this dream city. It only naturally follows that there are as many physiotherapy clinics in Dubai to meet the ever-rising demand of treatment for pain management and management of sports-related injuries. However, in order to select the best sports physiotherapy clinic in Dubai, one must ensure a combination of factors are addressed.

Firstly, one has to understand that sports physiotherapy is a specialized discipline of physiotherapy that deals with injuries and pain common to athletes and players of varied sporting genres. One question that arises here is why do players and athletes suffer from frequent sports-related injuries and pain. The answer is simple: It’s not easy to sustain high-intensity performances and endure high levels of training without wear and tear on the body. Due to their intensive training, there is a lot of pressure on their bones, muscles and tissues. Plus, even a slightly wrong movement, turn or posture can cause grievous pain. Then are there umpteen possibilities of sports-related accidents.

A reliable sports physiotherapy should have well-trained sports physios who are equipped with knowledge of all kinds of sports and also all levels of pain–acute, mild as well as chronic. A modern sports physiotherapy clinic should also be able to deliver pain management therapies to both women and men athletes.

Sports injuries are common and occur extensively among players. Beginners as well as pros suffer from injuries from time to time, and sometimes it take months to heal before one can get back to playing.

People playing golf and tennis often suffer from golfer’s and tennis elbow respectively. This happens due to repetitive movements at the wrist area can can cause numbness of the area of severe contracting pain upon movement.

At Nightingale Dubai, our experienced physiotherapists are up-to-date with the latest evidence-based practices and can do proper, skilled assessment and diagnosis of sports injuries. They are also skilled to use modern, hands-on management techniques and supervise patients’ recovery process. A good physiotherapist should also provide holistic counseling to athletes and players to prevent further injuries and to take care of the weak or fragile body parts.

Sports massages are the most commonly delivered physiotherapy modality to restore tired and weak nerves and to alleviate pain. Massage sessions spread out for a stretch of time over regular intervals and assist not only in reduction of pain but also in mobilizing stiff body parts and relaxing stresses muscles and tissue.

Other aspects of sports pain management includes treatments for prevention of further injury by devising a program of bone/muscle strengthening exercises. It also includes specially designed programs for fitness building exercises.

Body-part focused training is another part of healing post a sports injury or pain as often such pain affects specific body parts and that require target training through intensively-focused exercises and therapy.

Holistic physiotherapy includes a combination of exercises modules and therapy. Manual therapy techniques, functional training, a variety of therapeutic exercises and other techniques like heat, ice, ultrasound therapy, and electrical stimulation to provide complete rehabilitation. Expert physios are able to evaluate and diagnose movement dysfunction and treat patients accordingly. Varied physio-therapeutic interventions may include assistive and adaptive devices, advanced equipment, physical agents, and electro-therapeutic modalities.

At Nightingale Dubai, our trained and licensed physiotherapists offer customized solutions to wide-ranging sports-induced problems. We stress on our physiotherapists to be both guides and friend-cum-counselors as they should be able to communicate well with their patients in order to gauge their psychological state. They should be able to assess each patient’s psyche, self-esteem, and personal targets well such as to offer them tailor-made solutions and also make patients slowly accept the difficulty of a particular situation if the need be. Some patients initially refuse to follow-up on sessions or invest the requisite amount of time in therapies. A professional physiotherapist should be able to help patients overcome their resistance.

We ensure that our sports physios can offer therapies to patients in their home environment and design an exercise-based module as per the patient’s requirements. Such a conversation-derived rehabilitation programme can only bring speedy recovery. A combination of recovery and rehabilitation is what a licensed sports physiotherapist aim at equipping a patient and her family with.

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