Nightingale Health Services

We take great pride in informing all our clients about the specialised team of qualified professionals that are on hand, wherever you are. Our Nurses are ready 24/7 for you and your loved ones. All our Nurses have Basic Life Support and First Aid training.

All our staff and nurses are vaccinated against COVID-19 and we do regular PCR tests to keep our clients and ourselves protected.

Florence Nightingale

We take our name and inspiration from the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. Born in England in 1820, she became known as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ as she nursed wounded soldiers during their darkest hours.


Our Vision

To become the Elite Home Nursing Provider of choice in Dubai achieving Clinical Excellence and delivering an unparalleled standard of Healthcare at Home

Our Mission

Extraordinary service is born out of strong and true foundations. It is this genuine passion for caring of the highest quality that drives consistent excellence and unwavering confidence in what we do. This begins with the constant education and support for every Nightingale employee that enables the enrichment of lives throughout communities. It is this invaluable effect that creates recognition of Nightingale as a leader in-home healthcare services.

Experience exceptional services with Nightingale Dubai