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What our clients say about us…

Bernalyn is amazing and the kids love her. She is a blessing

Ms Shahad

In every way they were fantastic! Both nurses had such a lovely way with my children, more than I could have asked for. I’m so impressed by their ability to fit in as quickly and as well as they did!

Ms Anouska

I was very happy, Muriel came and made herself familiar with our home and asked me all about our bedtime routine. I felt very confident leaving my son with her. She updated me on WhatsApp. She took my son out to play and I love her initiative, I am really glad about it and would definitely book with her again.

Ms Mariana Mohamad

Jane was always very helpful and gentle in dealing with our son. She will be missed.

Ms Alexandra

Muriel was really professional and caring warm person! She was really helpful taking care of my father in law. He had swollen feet and she was able to help him on a daily basis to reduce the swelling. She bathed him, changed his clothes, made him breakfast and lunch, took him for walks. She is very pleasant with everyone. We are really pleased with her and her caring attitude!

Keep up the great work!


Milette was fantastic. She had looked after our baby before and we specifically requested her for our last booking as she interacted so nicely with our family, was professional and knowledgeable, and we were very confident in her ability. We’ve tried other companies in Dubai but have been very happy with Nightingale’s services and costs so far. Please keep up the personal touch and friendliness with all communication. It’s great to have consistency with nurses when you’re someone who uses babysitters occasionally as we do. We also appreciate feeling valued as customers even though we only require services sometimes.

Nina Carter

I just wanted to thank you again for another great service last night. Cherry was fantastic and the girls really loved her!

Julian De Lange

Our nurse was amazing! I rarely leave my child with anyone and he was being fussy but she said she could get him to sleep and she did! Bravo x
She was perfect!

Thera Colquhoun

She showed up early to complete formalities. Also went through all the details in regards to my son Jasper on how I feed him, how he sleeps, the temperature of his milk etc etc. She asked all the right questions and brought a calm and reassuring vibe to our apartment.

Our son had not been sleeping well over the last 7 days and my husband had been away for work and I had had very little sleep so was desperate for a break. Elena gave me a full 8 hours of relief I feel like a new person today.

I would highly recommend the nightingale services to friends with infants and children with no hesitation

Gilles & Cherryl Herregods

The Nurse was brilliant. She was very friendly with us and the baby loved her, she took the best possible care of the baby. baby responded very well to the Nurse too.

Pranjal Pandey

It’s always difficult for me to leave my children in someone else’s hands and harder still a new born but Jelyn made me feel comfortable from the onset.
Thank you for making me feel so comfortable with entrusting my child to you. Your advice, warm nature and professionalism was excellent and I’m grateful that you took such good care of my new born.

Nazmira Saloojee

We recently booked nightingale for babysitting our two children. They don’t have a babysitter often and are apprehensive when they do.
Our babysitter arrived and immediately her warmth and care radiated through and the children were instantly at ease with her. She was kind and gentle and was genuinely interested and loving towards the children.

I would not hesitate to recommend nightingale to anyone. I know exactly who to call now when I need further babysitting. Great service quick easy hassle free and paperwork was easy and straightforward.

Justine Oregan

I have to say – the children love Aliza and Lea!!!

The parents are extremely happy about the way Aliza and Lea care for the children.

Sarah Thomas

It takes a village to raise a child, but as an expat you create your village from scratch right? Especially if you don’t have your immediate family around.

I arrived in Dubai in 2015 when Zay was 6 months old and I was afraid but adamant that I could do everything by myself- Although I loved every minute with my child I ended up exhausted trying to balance it all… .

With Baby H, I had already thought of getting someone to help me on a full time basis as I still wanted to make sure I had time to spend with Zay … I began interviews when I found out I was pregnant – unfortunately after going through the entire process, it didn’t work out with my full time helper and that’s where @nightingalehealthservices stepped in.

I did not want to collaborate with a nursing agency at first as I wanted to trial who the best person for my newborn would be but when Jelyn arrived from @nightingalehealthservices her soft nature and knowledge of newborns left me confident in her abilities to take care of my child. She taught me numerous invaluable tips and I am ever so grateful for @nightingalehealthservices,

If you’re a new mum looking for one of the best nursing services especially to help you with your baby – then definitely get in touch with @nightingalehealthservices.

Nazmira Saloojee

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing support over quite a difficult time for our family.Ann, Cherry and Flori have all been incredibly hard working and helpful and are a real testament to your services. Your administration is also excellent and I want to thank them for responding at all hours to help me manage the demands of work and family.

Carmen for Ann, Cherry and Flori

Super grateful to Nightingale for sending over the adorable Mary Rose to take care of Zaydan. I had to major events to attend and I knew I needed help in looking after him. She changed his diaper, fed him milk and food and kept him clean and tidy. Zaydan had such a great time with her he was all smiles. If you have an event or need someone to look after your child while you relax at the spa or tick those errands off your list please get in touch with Nightingale home nursing.

Virdah for Mary Rose

I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to inform you and your team that NorHada has been extremely professional and amazing with my three kids. Especially for Baby Grace Sara Abraham- proactive and always dresses her up like a princess.I feel safe and trust her very much. She is very organized and works very hard to keep my kids safe and happy. I hope you can motivate her and keep her in your team for long. She is dedicated and maintains your company standards and ethos. Thank you for sending me NorHada.

Miss Sneha – for Norharda

Absolutely highly recommended!
I booked a Nanny yesterday at 9PM and they responded quite quickly and manage to send a Nanny this morning at 9AM.
What a super service!
Thank you again!

Aïda BL

I would just like to thank you and your team for the amazing service last night. Hubby and I had complete peace of mind leaving our little one with your fantastic nurse.

Nurse Flory was great with Leila and I also appreciated her professionalism and good attitude with my very demanding 3-month-old.

Donne Morgan to Nurse Flory

“Yes, she was very good at her work and was willing to take over the child care needs as she observed how it was being done.”

Ms Jyothika Mathur to Nurse Cherry

10/10 Satisfaction Survey
“Roditha was simply amazing. Kind, caring and professional. I was sad to see her go!”

Ms Nicky Ruebsamen to Nurse Roditha

Amazing service thank you. You really helped us out this week. Florynel was an incredible nanny. Helpful and kind and intelligent. Didnt need to think twice. Quick and efficient and incredibly reliable service. Thanks so much everyone at Nightingale.

Emily Howel to Nurse Florynel


“How to leave your baby with a stranger in 5 easy steps”

Great post and thx for sharing, very important to know all these facts. Many of my friends have used Nightengale Nursing and have all been super happy with the level of comfort of care their child is getting as TRUST is the most important factor and knowing they are with a nurse is important – Many Thanks –

Jennifer Cooper

Wonderful post. Me time is so important parenting is relentless and often exhausting. Every parent needs/deserves a break. Nightingale Nursing support sounds fabulous!


A caring nanny with a lovely heart…


Zarla was here this morning looking after my son Domhnall and I was so impressed by her that I had to email you. I had a job interview and so was nervous today! I was also nervous about leaving my four month old with a stranger for the first time. From the moment Zarla held my son, I knew he would be in safe hands. She was so gentle with him and I could feel the warmth she showed towards him. He was smiling when I left and still smiling when I returned.

Zarla cut his nails (expertly as my husband and I always have trouble), changed, bathed and fed him. She took wonderful care of my son and I would highly recommend her to any family with a small baby. I would not hesitate to leave him in her care again. It is possible that I will need a sitter again later this week and I will certainly ask for Zarla. She texted to say that all was going well- even wishing me well for the interview, which I thought was a kind, personal touch.

You have a caring nanny with a lovely heart and loving personality. I wish her every success with her work and commend you on supplying such a professional as part of your services.

Sinead Hoare to Nurse Zarla


She is fantastic, me and my wife never met any woman like her. She is just amazing. We been to a lot of countries and tried the services but this girl is the best. She is amazing.

Mr Dannie to Nurse Florynel


Yemi is excellent. She is very attentive and my son is truly fond of her. And I’m interested in renewing my contract.

Mr Alaa to Nurse Ibiyemi

She was actually great! Good attitude, asked the right questions, detailed follow up. Followed instructions very well. We loved the update she made an hour before we went home.

Ms Martina to Nurse April

Baby Nunu & Mommy Aya


I was a little embarrassed when I contacted your company. This was my second child and I was about to pay someone to help me with my baby.

When I contacted Nightingale it honestly was my last resort. I and my husband had tried and failed to offer our daughter a bottle. With about a month of my maternity leave left this made me incredibly anxious. We tried all sorts of things and read lots of things over the internet but nothing helped.

When Nurse Edith first came over to our house I found her to be calm and incredibly patient. She spent the first day getting to know our baby and understanding what the issues were. Day two – she got to work, trying different tactics, making small changes but never losing hope. By day three, my little one was drinking out of a bottle!!! Not an entire feed but it was a start. Nurse Edith also helped us with sleep training and taught us several ways of soothing our baby when she was being fussy.

Our baby now sleeps like an angel in her cot. She is an entirely different baby after we had Nurse Edith help us out over those 4 days. Edith is a tired mama’s hero! So very grateful. I would whole heartedly recommend her to my friends and colleagues. Thank you so much!!

Mrs Beverly to Nurse Edith


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