Nightingale Health Services
She was the best. She knows how to engage with the kids. She understood everything in a day about the kids. If she was there, I had to not worry about the kids because I know she manages very well. By nature wise she is good too and very polite. She even got mixed with the friends and family easily.
Shivani – for Nurse Crystal
We booked Nightingale to look after our energetic 2-year old toddler while our nanny was on leave. Thanks to nurse Annabelle, we had a smooth experience and she clicked with our little one from the start! She did fun activities, prepared his meals and even helped around the household – all in all we really appreciate Annabelle‘s effort and would definitely call her back if we ever need childcare support! Reliable, pleasant and professionally trained! Thanks again!
Manuel Rogl
I just wanted to write and say how brilliant Katrina was. She is so warm, caring, polite & professional and my son Phoenix was very happy and relaxed being with her. We are really looking forward to having her back on Thursday and beyond! I will be in touch very soon to confirm some more dates.
Thank you so much for making the time to come and see us today. I’m sorry it was such a mission to get here. You have been a great help with the breast feeding too. We wish you all the best with the move and your new adventure in Marlow.
A lovely mom!
The nurse is absolutely amazing, highly recommended and a huge asset of the company.
Sarah – For Nurse Rejoyce
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assigning Winnie to me.
Winniefe has been absolutely great. Her manners, behavior, communications with my baby, the way she cared for my baby, played with him, followed his routine (giving his vitamins every day, massaging his belly every day), took care of him in every way (like removing his cradle caps, never missing a thing in his hygiene requirements, etc etc – I can keep writing on and on) have been perfect!
She picked up my way of doing things and my requirements very quickly, and I didn’t have to remind her anything again. Her professionalism was impressive. Overall, she has been “above and beyond”.
It’s not my place to say that but I hope she gets what she deserves -be it a recognition or a bonus- because she really added value to her work and it’s not something you can see every day.
On Saturday we left our little one at home for the afternoon, but I quickly spotted another cheeky little monkey at the venue!
It was the first time we have left Bodhi for a few hours with a nanny service, and we left him in the very capable hands of Amy from @nightingalehealthservices
From the moment she arrived she put me at ease with how competent she was with Bodhi. Also knowing they are registered nurses with the Dubai Heath Authority gives the added peace of mind.
Amy sent me photos throughout the day and kept to Bodhi’s food and nap schedule. He looked like he had a great afternoon!
Will definitely be using Nightingale Health Services again – highly recommend for anyone wanting a few hours off!
Sarah & Bodhi – @ukdubaimum
It was Danica’s last day today and my husband and I wanted to message just to say how amazing she was! She really made the holiday for us, we feel incredibly lucky that we had her help while we were here. She was so much fun and so doting with the boys – they formed such a close bond, it was a very sad day saying goodbye today! She really was exceptional. She played non stop with them and took her role very seriously.
Thank you so so much for providing such a great service with Danny. We are all going to miss her so much!
Had 4 prenatal sessions- Malin was extremely helpful, a daunting time during Covid-19 and for parents-to-be. She made me and my partner feel at ease and quietly confident in becoming a new parents, I would highly recommend Malin to anyone looking to get a bit of knowledge without being overwhelmed!
Grace M Taylor
I’m writing this email to express my gratitude. Mary Ann was an angel sent from the skies, she was extremely gentle with my new born and treated her as if she was a daughter of her own. She displayed all manners of professionalism and knowledge in her field of work. Mary Ann was always punctual in the timings of her work and performed all her tasks perfectly. I was finally able to sleep knowing that my daughter is in safe hands. I will highly recommend nightingale health services for my friends and family. Once again thank you for your professionalism and excellent service.
Ayesha Al Mazrouei
My husband and I would just like to say a huge thank you to your team and obviously and specially Louise.
From first coming through the door Louise was very engaging with both the family and (the child), our 2 & 1/2 year old daughter, she listened intently to our worries and made sure our minds were put at ease regarding (the child)’s poor eating habits. Having tried everything from blackmail (chocolate) to outright distress, Louise calmed us reassured us and then set us in motion on a strategy to overcome (the child)’s lack of interest in food.
We still get days when we swear our little one is on hunger strike but generally things are much improved. We are still following the suggestions Louise gave us both verbally and in a very thorough email follow up she sent us the next day and Louise still finds the time to call and ask how things are going.
The peace of mind we were given by Louise cannot easily be put into words, suffice to say we would highly recommend her services, she was so calm, caring, efficient and able to give us focus when dealing with (the child)’s poor eating habits.
Moreover Louise continued to get in touch and follow up with calls to check on us and on (the child)’s progress, to see if we had any concerns or issues to raise.
Can’t thank you enough Louise.
The most professional & dedicated help we’ve seen in Dubai having lived here for over 35 years.
A valuable client
Malin this was great and so valuable!!!! For the first month I think I had every ache and pain you spoke of. I wasn’t fully aware, ready or equipped with the knowledge of these stretches which you took us through but they would have definitely saved me. My baby is 9 weeks now and although I have a lot less muscle pain I definitely need to incorporate them into my days as I am sure I have other muscles compensating for others. Thank you so much for sharing!!!
We are very grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to hire nurse Saida. She had become a very important member of our family, dear and special to our hearts and specially our little baby Lamia. We are very sad to wish her goodbye soon but unfortunately the circumstances can not allow us to proceed further. Being a first time mom, and living alone with my husband without prior knowledge and in quarantine time alone, Saida taught me everything I need to be a mom and establish a good feeding, caring, bathing and sleep routine for my baby. She also cared for my well being to be able to be strong for my baby. I am truly grateful and blessed as it feels Godsend to me, I can say I had the best first time motherhood experience thanks to having her by my side.
As days go by and should I face any difficult or need for support, I would like to rehire her help (if she’s not in a contract) or even if my husband and I wish to travel someday when things get smoother we would like to hire her again to care for our baby. Hoping to obtain your support to have nurse Saida by our families side when we need her hopefully.
Thank you Nightingale for helping me through the biggest and most beautiful challenge in my life.
We just want to say thank you, the nurse Shelley was wonderful and you were all very professional, thank you very much!
Theo and Sheugnet
Thank you for introducing us to Christine.
She is an absolute delight!
Our Son absolutely adores her.
Lyuda and Alex
Living in Dubai without family or a support network, Louise was an invaluable resource – I really can’t thank her enough. During the home visits she answered our questions and provided much needed practical advice and reassurance! Like Florence Nightingale’s lamp – Louise was a shining light during those first tough few weeks!
I just wanted to say big thank you for your help yesterday. Both, nurse and Malin were very professional, well organized and prepared. I’m very happy with Cherry Ann, she’s calm and kind and I will be happy to book her again in the future.
Thanks so much for your assistance. Very much appreciated.
I would like to let you know that Michelli was wonderful and professional with helping us with the IV and our son Armand. Everything went so well and was great.
Thank you. We’ll be scheduling another IV in a few weeks.
Mia Zec
Very happy with Amy she was great.
Lisiane Lenz
Kayzelle has been with us today and has been excellent
Matteo Timpani
Physio morning session (not sponsored but recommended Johnny at Nightingale in Gold and Diamond Park) // discovered them on @classpassme
I would also like to mention that one of your nannies KC, has received exceptional feedback from our guests and she has been such a delight to have at the brunch as she also engages properly with the families, which looks very good for both Nightingale and FamilyFest. If available we would like to have her as often as possible.
James Elliot (Bash Events Group)

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