We take great pride in informing all our clients about the specialised team of qualified professionals that are on hand, wherever you are. Our Nurses are ready 24/7 for you and your loved ones. All our Nurses have Basic Life Support and First Aid training.

All our staff and nurses are vaccinated against COVID-19 and we do regular PCR tests to keep our clients and ourselves protected.

Florence Nightingale…

We take our name and inspiration from the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. Born in England in 1820, she became known as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ as she nursed wounded soldiers during their darkest hours.

OUR Vision

To become the Elite Home Nursing Provider of choice in Dubai achieving Clinical Excellence and delivering an unparalleled standard of Healthcare at Home.

OUR mission

Extraordinary service is born out of strong and true foundations. It is this genuine passion for caring of the highest quality that drives consistent excellence and unwavering confidence in what we do. This begins with the constant education and support for every Nightingale employee that enables the enrichment of lives throughout communities. It is this invaluable effect that creates recognition of Nightingale as a leader in-home healthcare services.

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Nightingale nurses are on hand to take care of your loved ones, from morning until night.

Our team

Anna Mellor - CEO

Anna Mellor

CEO and Founder

Anna Mellor is the CEO and Founder of Nightingale Health Service’s LLC. Born in England she trained as a nurse at Birmingham University. She has 3 children and has been living in Dubai since 2004.

Anna founded Nightingale Health Service’s in 2016. Nightingales is licensed by Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) and is a Private Home care Provider with Nurses, Midwife’s and Physiotherapist’s.

Anna States “Being a nurse and a mother, I saw a gap in the market for good quality community home care. I felt the community care wasn’t at the same standard as in the UK and that inspired me to start my own business in Dubai.

Nightingale has got an amazing team that works so hard to make this company one of the best in Dubai. I am very proud of my whole team and we have many exciting opportunities to look forward.

Malin Ghavami - Midwife

Malin Ghavami

Head Midwife

I am Malin, a Swedish nurse and midwife with experience from working in Hospitals and the community. I completed my bachelor of nursing course in Sweden 2011 after that I went on to work in the private sector before I completed my master-degree in midwifery and reproductive health. I moved to Dubai in 2014 and worked in labour and delivery unit in a busy hospital. I became a personal trainer during my pregnancy with my first child. Now, I have 2 children.

My passion is definitely small babies and to help mothers and babies to get the best start as possible together after delivery. I had both my babies delivered here in Dubai and I was struggling with finding support needed when i had just delivered and took my newborn baby home.

I am looking forward to meeting expectant and postnatal couples and giving them the advice and support they need.

Hannah Duncan

Lead Midwife & Nurse Manager

I am a qualified Adult Nurse and Midwife. My Nursing background is surgical gynecology, sexual health and family planning. My midwifery background is antenatal, intrapartum care, postnatal and community care. Midwifery education and clinical midwifery mentor for students.

I have been in the healthcare profession for over 13 years and have been a midwife for 10 Years. My clinical experience Location consists of working in both the U.K. and the UAE

I have diverse skills and knowledge in all areas of Midwifery, my main focus being Antenatal/ Post-Partum Care, Lactation Support, and clinical education and mentorship.

I am a qualified Clinical Mentor with a focus on staff growth and development. Keeping up to date with clinical education/best practice is what enables us to provide the best care for our patients. Continuous education/training is highly important to create a unified approach when providing information to avoid conflicting advice!