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Get rid of the toxins from your blood stream

IV detoxification, also called detox therapy, is an effective method used in substance abuse detoxification. In simple words it’s medication to clear the drug substance out of your body . Coupled with IV supplements (to reduce withdrawal symptoms) you are back to your normal in no time.

Fast and effective way to clean the blood stream from drugs

IV Drips To Clear Withdrawal Symptoms
IV Drips To Clear Withdrawal Symptoms

Treat the withdrawal symptoms!

We can provide IV therapy for detoxing your body at your home or hotel. Our Doctor / DHA registered Nurse will visit you and provide all the required treatment you need.

Delivering nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants directly to your blood stream reduces the toxins from your body very fast.

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There are different types of IV detox fluids for substance abuse detox. Each IV drip have various components. There are Amino acid therapy, Vitamin therapy, Antioxidant therapy, and NAD therapy, each of which has a different mechanism of action and cleanse your body of drugs in an effective way.

Oral administration of these nutrients and vitamins is effective only about 30-40%, as the gut cannot absorb the entire supply (especially prolonged alcohol consumption reduces your stomach’s capacity to absorb nutrients). In IV therapy detox, almost 100% is absorbed. This 100% bioavailability of nutrients makes nutrient drips effective as a medicine for alcohol detoxification.

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