Doctor on Call At Your Home - 24/7

Are you looking for a Doctor consultation at home/hotel?

  • DHA Certified, Highly Experienced, Arabic Speaker, Doctor At Home.
  • Premium & Personalized Doctor On Call Consultation. Anytime 24/7 Across Dubai.
Dr. Ahmed Idrisai - Doctor at Home
Dr. Ahmed Idrisai - Doctor at Home

How does Doctor on Call works

Benefits of Doctor at Home / Hotel Visit

  • Hassle free medical care at your home/hotel.
  • No travel, no queues, no time lost!
  • One to One treatment by a Private Doctor and/or Nurse.
  • Personalized Medical Care, Comprehensive Diagnosis, Treatment & Follow up care.
  • Medicines delivered to you.
  • All lab tests in the comfort of your home.
  • Boutique Doctor Home Visit. Exclusively tailored for you.
Doctor Home Visit – Dubai
Doctor Home Visit in Dubai

IV Medications / IV Drips at home

  • Glutathione for Skin Rejuvenation
  • NAD – for Tiredness and Anti Aging
  • MIC – for Weight Loss
  • Liquid Wellness – for Hydration
  • Immunity Boost / Multivitamin Treatment
  • Hangover Recovery
  • Pick Me Up – Oxygen Therapy

Doctor visit at home or hotel.

Our on call GP (General practitioner) can treat all types of patients including children women and elderly patients who requires non-vital medical care at their own home / hotel. Our doctors can treat common ailments such as Colds and Flu, Ear Infections, Throat Infections, Diarrhea, Stomach Aches, Allergies caused by common allergens (We also do allergy tests at home), Eye irritation, Runny nose, etc.

We also cater our services to non-residents, visitors, travelers etc. requiring medical attention. Whether you are a tourist or is visiting Dubai for work you can contact us directly from your hotel, residence or office.

The need for In-House Doctor Service

There are times when you need an on call doctor at your place like;

  • When there is a Physically Challenged person or elderly people who cannot travel to the hospital and need care at home
  • Medically home bound patients who require medical service.
  • Premium care and convenience of a doctor’s service at the premises of your home
  • Urgent and immediate doctor service for a  tele-consultation regarding your illness

Benefits of at-home healthcare services in Dubai – Must Know!

Although visiting the hospital is usually for health care seeking but there is always the risk of getting infected by the different types of pathogens. Home healthcare has many benefits, The primary benefit of home care is that you can stay in the place that is most comfortable and familiar to you. You can sleep in your bed, use your bathroom, and continue your daily routines.

In home care, the doctor is usually tending to a single client and your needs are met much faster than in a residential facility.
If You are extremely busy to go to a clinic and do an investigation or need a doctor consultation or treatment, the doctor can visit you at your home or office and provide what you need. New to Dubai and don’t know where to go for getting health you can just call us and you will get your medical care at your home.


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If you are in an emergency and life threatening situation, please call 999 or request an Ambulance by calling 998. You can also use the mobile app DCAS SOS to request for emergency ambulance services.

Quality Nursing Care at Home

We offer highly experienced nurse care service at your door step in Dubai.

24x7 Medical care and great customer service

Trained DHA registered nurses, care takers, babysitters, newborn care and midwifery services you can rely on.