Post-natal / Post-Cesarean Care

newborn baby care

Nightingale home nursing nurses are given extensive education and training on preventing any post-operative complication such as C-section wound care you may be at risk of at home.

The home care nurse plays a critical role in providing 24/7 care to the mother care after Cesarean delivery.

All our nurses are DHA licensed. We provide you with trained and skilled help to ensure regulated postnatal care for mother and baby.

Nightingale Home Nursing Clinical Post-Operative Services include

  • Monitoring your vital signs of new mothers as part of holistic care after Cesarean delivery.
  • Observing the wound site for drainage, odor, swelling, and redness, which could indicate infection.
  • Observing and redressing your wound using Aseptic Non-Touch Technique. Observing the wound for intactness and stage of healing.
  • Assess, treat and manage your pain and monitor for unusual increase in pain (which may indicate infection or other problems).
  • Provide measures to enhance circulation to the lower extremities such as range of motion exercises, ambulation to prevent developing a DVT.
  • Access and monitor voiding and bowel habit postoperatively. Carryout post-operative catheter care and management.
  • Helping to establish a routine with your newborn baby and assist with night sleeps to help ease out the mother with her own routine and develop a systematic postpartum care for mother.

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