November 21, 2020

Coronavirus or Covid-19 testing in Dubai from Home

  • Are you worried about visiting your local hospital or clinic?
  • Like to get the COVID-19 test done from the comfort of your home?
  • Want to travel but need a covid-19/coronavirus test done?

Following are the types of testing available to check the presence of Corona virus.

  1. Viral test: The sample is collected using a nasal swab and sent to the lab for testing. The swab will be inserted in the cavity between the nose and mouth and kept for 15 seconds and rotated several times. This has to be done by an expert nurse so that a proper sample is collected.
  2. Antibody tests: This is a test for past infection. Antibodies are proteins fighting against the virii. So if you are infected once with the virus and is recovered (this happens without your knowledge in many cases), your body would have developed the antibody to provide protection against getting that disease again (immunity). An antibody test many not be a good choice as it takes 1-3 weeks for antigens to form after you are infected. To see if you are currently infected, you need a viral test.

We, Nightingale Health Services LLC Dubai are an approved agency licensed by the DHA to get the samples collected from home and do the Viral test for Covid-19


  • Book a test using the form below or call our toll free number 800 UAE(823).
  • Check for the availability and confirmation from our admin team.
  • Our DHA certified nurse will come to your home for swab collection with proper precautionary measures taken.
  • The collected sample will be tested in approved labs.
  • Results will be mailed to you by the lab.

If you are experiencing high fever or other symptoms of Covid-19, please let us know prior. You may need to go to an emergency facility.

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