November 2, 2018

Postnatal care is most important for mothers and babies to lead a healthy life and avoid complications after a delivery

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The sight and smell of a newborn is most heartwarming to any parent. The tiny features resembling that of the baby’s birth-givers bring genuine tears of joy to the parents. There are parents who get their baby room painted and stuffed with toys ahead of the precious little thing’s official first day as a newborn.

While the entire experience of childbirth is incredible and phenomenal for parents, all the excitement of welcoming the bundle of joy to this world must follow a sound medical procedure for complete and holistic postnatal care at home for both the mother and the baby.

In fact, for most mothers the dreaded part begins after being discharged from the hospital. Suddenly, there’s a platterful to deal with and that too not with much knowledge or preparedness.

The spell of sleepless nights can be taxing for new mothers or parents. Changing nappies, breastfeeding, dealing with sudden cries etc. Can be daunting for a new mother, especially when she herself needs care, rest, and medical supervision to recover.

Most new parents require education on immunizations, lactation care, and the terrifying prospect of giving the first baby bath and massage. Everything related to the baby in the first few months is crucial as that paves the way for healthy growth. Apart from regular check-ups and counseling at clinics, at-home postnatal care ensures speedy recovery of mothers and healthy growth of babies.

At-home postnatal services ensure that the new mother also gets ample rest and care without worrying about her baby, apart from gaining knowledge and awareness about raising a newborn.

Postnatal care is critical for Caesarian-section deliveries.

Home maternity care nurses who are trained to provide postnatal care provide the following specialized services.

They provide you a basic, yet comprehensive motherhood education bouquet that has a hands-down approach towards the day-to-day details such as settling the baby in the right place and environment, understanding and monitoring the sleep cycles of the baby, and becoming aware of her feeding cycles and patterns.

In short, the motherhood capsule course provided by a trained professional helps the new mother at becoming sensitive towards the baby’s needs without compromising her own health as she also gets attention from the nurse.

The intimate and conversational approach of the at-home nurses ensure that a mother gets an all-round view of all the practical aspects of holding and handling a baby and catering to her varied moods.

They provide a thorough clinical assessment of the baby during the conventional postnatal period that, generally, lasts for six weeks after birth.

For the newborns, the medical assessment service covers: a general health check-up, baby weighing, settling techniques, sleep patterns, assessment of neonatal conditions, infections and more.

For mothers, it includes a complete check-up of the vital parameters like blood pressure, monitoring of stitches, and prevention of any infection, dietary support to make up for the blood loss, post-caesarian care, and advice on family relationships.

The most common postnatal care services at home include the following day-to-day aspects:

Holding the newborn: Teaching parents the proper way to hold a newborn.

Dietary care for lactation: Guiding a lactating mother on the right diet chart to follow for getting all the vital sources of nutrition for herself and her baby.

Baby bathing and massaging guide: Assisting parents with baby bathing and baby massaging and teaching them the correct ways to do so.

Baby feeding and maintaining feeding tools: Assisting mothers with handling and cleaning baby pump bottles.

Breastfeeding: There are a zillion questions that come to a lactating mother’s mind. From correct breastfeeding techniques to questions that range on the toll that it takes on women, there’s a whole Q&A session on breastfeeding that trained nurses are able to deliver.

Baby hygiene maintenance: This is very important for both babies. Babies contract infections easily from their mothers due to the close proximity and hence, it is important for mothers to maintain strong hygiene standards and professional home nurses are able to guide on the dos and don’ts.

Counselling to new mothers: Post-childbirth is a critical time for mothers as they often deal with depression, commonly referred to as post-partum depression, once the anticipation and wait is over. The bubble bursts and new mothers, sometimes, start fretting over issues like body weight, self-perception, perceived problems in conjugal life, getting back to normal life etc. Experienced and caring maternity nurses provide the right kind of counselling to mothers helping them counter symptoms and signs of anxiety with positive thoughts and an engaging schedule.

At Nightingale Dubai, we understand the need for a helping hand, a non-judgmental, patient friend, and a professional caregiver. Our well-versed maternity nurses provide world-class at-home postnatal services by combining updated knowledge with intuitive care.

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