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6 Oct

What constitutes of Co Sleeping?

What is Co Sleeping? In simple words, it’s when the mother and baby sleep on the same surface together in close proximity. Is it safe to co-sleep with your baby? and can it be done safely? As a midwife, I always recommend babies to be put in their moses basket or cot to sleep, as Babies […]


5 Jul

Should you swaddle your baby?

Many advocates of swaddling describe it as the secret to calming your infant and promoting better sleep. When you think that babies spend an average of 37 weeks feeling safe and secure in the womb, it’s no wonder that being in the outside world can be an overwhelming experience. That’s where swaddling can help to […]


23 May

Seminar on baby health @ Mediclinic Parkview

Attention new parents: A seminar is happening at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital on Saturday 29th May, 1-2PM. Dr. David Cremonesini (Consultant Paediatrician) will talk about “How do I know if my baby has an allergy”, Dr. Tina Williams (Consultant Paediatrician) about Baby’s stool, And Julia Youll from Nightingale Health Services will give some tips to help […]


25 Apr

Sleep positions – Find your perfect sleep posture

Following our earlier post about building good sleep habits for your baby, we’re turning our attention to the equally important topic of sleep positions for grown ups. Approximately 40% of our lives are spent asleep in bed, meaning the correct sleeping position is vital, especially if you suffer from neck, back, shoulder, or hip problems. […]


19 Mar

Building Good Sleep Habits for Your Little One

As new parents, sleep is a rare and cherished commodity. It may seem like an uphill battle now, but it’s important to know there are things you can do to get more rest. And, what better time to try than World Sleep Day (Friday 19th March)? Sleep is essential for improving health and well-being, and […]