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5 Dec

Physiotherapy post COVID-19 – How we can help?

COVID-19 and Physiotherapy Patients who have been infected with the coronavirus and admitted to the hospital for this reason should receive physiotherapy as soon as their condition allows. Seriously ill patients who are on ventilators and are confined to a hospital bed for long periods experience problems with breathing and other physical issues, due to […]


16 Aug

Age Related Risk of Covid-19 (corona virus) infection

*The data listed here might change from time to time and is sourced from different places. Probably the biggest influencing factor in terms of disease outcomes is how old you are. The older you are, the worse your chances of surviving it. In other words, if you are aged, for example, between 65-74, you have […]


15 Apr

COVID-19 and Pregnancy

Dr. Amelie Hofmann-Werther extends her expert advice on COVID-19 and Pregnancy Dr. Amelie Hofmann-Werther, Specialist Gynaecology and Obstetrics extends her free advice during the Covid-19 pandemic for  Mothers-to-be. Be informed about what to expect and how to be prepared during a worst case scenario. Dr Amelie Hofmann-Werther is a German board-certified gynecologist and obstetrician with […]