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27 Jul

Mastitis and Lactation

Answers to the most common questions about Mastitis in lactating women. Q. Is it OK to breastfeed with mastitis? A. Yes, midwives and lactation consultants encourage feeding with mastitis to ensure the breasts are fully empty. Not emptying the breasts will increase the severity of mastitis. Q. How common is mastitis while breastfeeding? A. Mastitis […]


13 Jul

Neonatal cause of SIDS & risk factor

WHAT ARE SIDS CAUSES & RISK FACTORS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or cot death is the unexpected death of healthy newborns or infants under 12 months of age, which remains unexplained despite extended investigations including necropsy, death scene examination and medical history study. Now-a-days, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is one of the main reasons […]


10 Aug

How to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

One of the biggest worries for many new parents is sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which refers to the sudden unexplained death of an otherwise healthy baby under the age of one, usually during their sleep. Premature babies, or those with a low birth weight, are at greater risk, and it tends to be slightly […]


27 Jul

10 Breastfeeding Questions Every Midwife Gets Asked

With World Breastfeeding Week coming up on the 1st to 7th August, we asked Nightingale’s Public Health Practitioner Julia Youll about some of the most common questions she gets asked by new parents. Read her advice here and feel free to get in touch with us for one-to-one support on your breastfeeding journey. 1. When will my milk come in, […]


14 Jul

The benefits of baby massage

Here we will explain about the benefits of baby massage: Soothing touch is one of the most important things a child needs to thrive, making baby massage a wonderful way to connect with your little one and boost their well-being. The practice dates back centuries, with techniques handed down from generation to generation. In recent […]


15 Apr

COVID-19 and Pregnancy

Dr. Amelie Hofmann-Werther extends her expert advice on COVID-19 and Pregnancy Dr. Amelie Hofmann-Werther, Specialist Gynaecology and Obstetrics extends her free advice during the Covid-19 pandemic for  Mothers-to-be. Be informed about what to expect and how to be prepared during a worst case scenario. Dr Amelie Hofmann-Werther is a German board-certified gynecologist and obstetrician with […]


21 Aug

Everything You Need to Know About Prenatal, Pregnancy Care and Post-Pregnancy Care as a New Mother.

Are you planning to step into the exciting phase of motherhood? It can be the most blissful moment in your life to give birth to a baby but at the same time, it can be fraught with challenges. Hence, it is advisable that you are equipped with the right knowledge about pregnancy care beginning from […]


4 Jul

What Kind of Pregnancy Care Packages are Offered By In-Home Healthcare Agencies?

Parenthood can be an exciting phase in your life. A professional pregnancy caregiver or a pregnancy caregiver agency can make your childbirth a safe, smooth and hassle-free experience. The best part is now the in-home pregnancy care agencies are providing packages that take care of the mother before, during and post childbirth. Why do you […]


13 May

Importance of Maternity Nurse to Make your Motherhood journey Fascinating

A maternity nurse is someone who guides you through every new step you take in the fascinating phase of your life: motherhood. If it’s an educational, safe and caring experience for both the mother and the newborn in case it’s your first child; second-time parents would also agree about the importance of a maternity nurse […]


28 Dec

Why choosing the perfect maternity nurse is a decision that can give parents of a newborn wealth of joys

  Raising a newborn maybe a joyride given the emotional rewards but is definitely not a casual affair. On the contrary, it requires experienced hands and most importantly, expert guidance of a midwife or a maternity nurse. There was a time when all this was readily available to us in the form of traditional family […]